Suzuki gs 150 resale value

The bike also comes with visionary rpm blinkers which is acquired from the well known GSX-R series. The company configured it with amazing body graphics along with three awesome colors i. It's best bike Smooth ride. Read More. The best performing bike I have ever used.

With 6 speed transmission it provides the best mileage. Wear and tear of The weight of the bike gives the exta smooth to ride. I have bought this beauty of a vehicle by and have been using it for 2 years now. Very smooth engine, Great for Hello guys, i own a Suzuki Gsr from past 3yrs!

It is amazing bike because of its great mileage Aroundruns Hey Friends. I purchased Suzuki GS R 2.

Suzuki GS 150 R

I was never a fan of digital odos, i almost went towards unicorn because of this, but somehow made up my mind towards Suzuki GSR is the only cc motorcycle offered by the Japanese company, which is currently on sale in India. It is blessed with elegant look and sporty visuals, which make it stand robust against other other leading cc players of the country. Powered by a It moves on 2. The bike is equipped with suspension system which comprises of telescopic forks at the front and oil damped, gas charged shock absorbers at the rear.

Besides this, it comes with a mm front hydraulic disc brake with a mm rear drum brake, which provides the superb stopping power. Graphics of the bike are very sharp which gives it a massive look.

The front profile of the bike comes with a sporty cowl incorporated with a powerful headlight and twin pilot lamps. It has a beautifully chiseled fuel tank that looks dashing and offers a good riding posture to the rider. Talking about rear, it has a decent LED tail lamp unit which consists of clear lens turning blinkers as well.

The bike comes with an overall dimensions of mm in length, mm in width and mm in height along with a wheelbase and minimum ground clearance of mm and mm respectively. This motorcycle has a huge fuel tank of The bike is blessed with dual riding modes so the rider has an option to either avail a maximum fuel economy or to unleash full power of the bike. The instrument console comprises of a digital speedometer, tripmeter, fuel gauge, gear position display and an analogue tachometer.

Design: The motorcycle comes with an overall body measurement of mm in length, mm in width and mm in height.The bike gets minor up gradations to take on the rising competitors in its segment. Can Suzuki succeed this time? Suzuki GSR gets minor cosmetic changes as it carries its original design and style. It now features revised cowl and visor with new graphics. The cowl helps this bike to look aggressive with its headlight.


It has air-intakes on both sides around its headlight which makes it look aerodynamic. The cowl now sports noticeable cuts and lines which enhance the appearance of this bike. It has a wide headlight with twin pilot lamps which can grab your attention easily with its tinted visor which is one of its kinds.

The partly black colored front fender has also been revised and looks edgy with its stylish five-spoke alloy wheels. Its side panel, engine, alloy wheels and muffler are given black finish.

It has an upraised fuel tank which also features new graphics and looks classy with stepped up seat and tall positioned rear cowl. Its rear cowl features integrated clear lens indicators and LED tail light. It has a twin layered tail light which looks sparkling with silver finished compact grab rail. Its sharp rear fender covers its rear tyre and carries a number plate and reflector light. Suzuki GSR has a combined analogue digital meter console.

It has a circular dial for its analogue tachometer which is surrounded by a silver ring. It also houses a digital gear shift indicator. There is a big orange colored LCD for its digital speedometer, trip meter, odometer and fuel gauge.

This speedometer comes in dual mode. Other essential indicators are placed around LCD. There are no changes in this department. Suzuki GSR is still powered by a 4-stroke cc engine. This SOHC engine generates a peak power of The maximum torque production of this air-cooled engine is of GSR was the first cc bike in India to features a six-speed manual gearbox.

It has one gear down and five gears up-shift pattern. You will have to rev this bike hard to get the best of this engine and it gets clears from the very first move. The six-speed gearbox helps you to keep moving fast and quick.

suzuki gs 150 resale value

The torque and power arrives a bit late in this bike in comparison to its rivals but Suzuki has done it deliberately. There is not much power and torque to play so Suzuki has kept its gear ratios short so that it never runs out of power. The throttle response just keeps on improving as you proceed.The good news is that if you are into cruisers, sports bikes, Harley-Davidsons, BMWs or Japanese bikes, you are in luck.

Prices for private sale would be higher than these trade-in prices, but they are a good indication of residual values. Harley-Davidson Australia marketing boss Adam Wright says the bikes hold their value because they are made in America. This gives them an opportunity to own something that is somewhat exclusive which leads to a good return on investment. To own one of these premium motorcycles means you are purchasing a Harley-Davidson that will be very limited in its availability, ultimately leading to a strong resale position.

Gixxer Sf - Used Suzuki Bikes in India

I bought my first my first brand new HD Sportster and HD was all we really knew back in the day so some of my buds went to the store and bought Harleys too bigger ones Seems that most young er riders are all on metrics.

Is the love, mystic and cult following of HD winding down lately? I agree, the Japanese metrics are good bikes and cheaper. However, I happen to be a boomer 70 who will always be hooked on HD. This makes me mindful of future trade in values. The Harleys have been fairly good in holding their value particularly if you sell privately rather than trading in.

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I thought the Indian Scout was a much better bike than the Sportster. Time will tell. Indians have almost no resale value. And I would suspect unloading one could become difficult, if not impossible the more they show how unreliable they are.

One for a small clip on the fuel line and the other for a re-flash. I hope Harley works out their troubles as the competition is good for everyone. As of now Harley sales are dropping and Indians are rising. The CVO resale quoted here is a very limited market. When new, out the door was 42, before sales tax. Market value after one year 30, Harley is just pumping out too many bikes, and killing the used market prices.

I think the bike that this article claims to hold the best value, is currently one of the worst. Thank you Buddy. This is extremely valuable to me. I am planning to sell my Scooter online here. I always loved flathead fish which were cheap and now they tell me they are trendy and relatively expensive.

I get screwed every time. I will have to buy something else. Thats not a problem though, I bought it for what it is, not for what it would get me as a trade in in 5 years time……as would have most bike owners.

I think I will still be riding her in another 5 years time, she will still be worth the same amount to me …. Stay safe. The value is in the ride not the resale…. I would like to see Harley Davdson go back to basics ad install a reverse gear on the large Cruisers. Add to the resale of the motorcycle Very simple!When it comes to making vehicles that make your eyes pop out, Suzuki is a pro at doing it.

Just a glimpse of the new Suzuki GS and its price in Pakistan, bet you that you will adore it.

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The first is intelligent use of chrome around the vehicle, especially on the headlamp, meter and the silencer giving it a robust and masculine feel.

The second thing for which this vehicle deserves to be lauded is for designing the whole vehicle. The curves are luring, the graphics are attractive and the material used around the whole vehicle is impressively durable giving it a strong sporty look. This is one of the major reasons that GS can never go out of fashion. Lastly, the way it couples power and economy, a CC bike delivering around 50KMs in 1 liter is worth mentioning.

A notable feature of this motorcycle is its comfortable seat and easily approachable steering handle, which makes it a comfortable ride even after hours of continuous driving. Because of flickering nationwide economical factors, Suzuki has lost a considerable share of the motorcycle market. This means that no matter how new or well maintained your vehicle is, the resale value is heartbreaking.

In addition, the fuel consumption increases over time drastically affecting your budget, especially in a country where fuel price resonate like a ping-pong overnight. This means that over time you should expect to spend more and get less from this bike. The fuel average is one of the key factors that determines the market value of a vehicle and this is where Suzuki GS starts losing its pace.

Still, this vehicle is heartthrob in rural areas of Pakistan where power matters more than fuel economy making it still stand tall against adversities. For them losing a few KMs per liter does not matter much as long as their vehicle can drag some weighable weight.

If you are looking for a motorcycle that couples power and style, go for GS blindfolded. Bike Prices In Pakistan. Suzuki GS Price in Pakistan. Suzuki GS Review When it comes to making vehicles that make your eyes pop out, Suzuki is a pro at doing it. Might Be Of Your Interest. Honda CGs The long awaited s has finally been unveiled Honda CD70 Dream Modern painted silencer with stylishHi Ramki, Go ahead with your plans closing your eyes. Even after 5 years there will no problems on your pocket.

As everyone have said, even I have a pulsar cc model and it has run 68K kms. Till date I have just invested in service and oil change for every kms and till now have changed tyres once and front disc once and some brake shoes. Till date it is giving me healthy KMPL. I have done several kms trip in one day with just 2 stops and it will not let you down.

Maybe it has become common on the roads but that means everyone are liking it. So it is your choice now. View My Garage. Thanks guys. One last Q. Comparing Pulsar spare parts and Unicorns'which is cheapest and more on quality? Again, thanks very much guys for all your inputs. Pleasure to have all these suggestions. Thanks for all on this tread, Ramki. The P has a more sporty stance but it is rideable everyday.

suzuki gs 150 resale value

If you do think of even test riding a Pulsar, test the first, its seats are a little more sporty but the rest of the feel is more of less the same, but its much better in all other ways. Hi Ramki I suggest you go for the any bike other than the Pulsar, because of the sporty stance seating.

My bet will be the Honda Dazzler or Fazer for you. Regarding the other issues negatives that few forum members have mentioned are not digestable to me. In fact, my sister recommended the bike to my brother though he bought the RETB instead.

The Unicorn's ride quality is no better with monoshock suspension which is advanced, but, no properly implemented by Honda for indian conditons.

Suzuki GS150 2012 Price in Pakistan

This happened with me at 58K kms. Regardingth A. The A.

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They do more damage to your sporty bike rather than maintainng the bike. Only grudge would be th low mileage mileage kya hai bhai??!! Originally Posted by abhayshanu. I own two Ps P is like jack of all and master of none.

Last edited by motionfreak : 30th September at Go for Pulsar man Its a too good bike.Ask your questions through Vicky. Clarify all doubts for all Bikes through FAQs page. Ask question not only for Bars but also regarding the website and get all the details.

Resale value means the trade value of a good that has already been purchased. If the holder of the good wishes to resell the good to another party, this would be the amount of money that could be expected to be made from the transaction. When you discover you're disappointed with the bike you just bought, this is the amount of money you can expect to recover when reselling it. If you borrowed money to buy this bike, bikes with low resale values can put you "Upside down", meaning you will owe more for the bike than what you can expect to get for it.

Bikes with a high resale value will allow you to pay down your remaining loan. Generally speaking, one doesn't normally need to worry about resale value unless they bought a bike because they believed it would suddenly make them "cool. Get Onroad Price.

suzuki gs 150 resale value

Tell me the engine specifications of Suzuki GSR? How is the performance of Suzuki GSR? What is the tyre pressure for Suzuki GSR? What are the variants of Suzuki GSR? How many colours are available in Suzuki GSR?

Does Suzuki GSR has alloy wheels? What is the size of the front and rear tyre of Suzuki GSR bike? Which is the best battery for Suzuki GSR bike? What are the problems with the Suzuki GSR bike?

What is the solution for starting problem in Suzuki GSR?

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What are the special schemes for government employees or teachers or doctors and corporate discounts for buying Suzuki GSR Bike? What is the price of the front and rear tyre of Suzuki GSR bike? Select State.

Select City. Toggle navigation. Cycles Trucks Tractors Excavators.In the past two years the Indian two-wheeler bazaar has seen a lot of action in the cc motorcycle segment, with almost every bike-maker launching at least one product in this category. This clearly points out that demand for motorcycles with decent fuel economy, good looks and adequate performance is increasing every passing day.

Masses are slowly, yet steadily moving away from the boring cc commuters towards something that offers more style and performance. However, the cc segment has now been divided into two categories, namely - premium and budget.

All of them have strong USPs and state-of-the-art technology to justify the hefty price tags. For those looking for practicality and the value-for-money aspect, Hero Honda has three answers in the form of the Hunk, the CBZ Xtreme and the understated Achiever Yes, it's still being sold.

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And though Bajaj Auto's old-timer Pulsar DTSi and Honda's Unicorn offer more bang-for-the-buck compared to HH's three offerings, they still don't pack in enough features and performance to compete in the premium cc segment. Now there is a sizeable gap that has developed between these two categories of the cc segment and that's where Suzuki's latest offering, the GSR fits in perfectly. It has no strong unique selling point or any high-tech gadgetry in its kitty to boast about.

So what does it have that Suzuki is banking on to set its cash registers ringing? Let's find out. If you are the sorts, who has been closely following the Indian motorcycle developments and the various cc models launched till date starting from the legendary Hero Honda CBZ, then it will be very difficult for you to appreciate the GSR's styling.

If you dissect every part of the Suzuki and look at it individually, you will find it similar to one or the other Indian cc motorcycle.

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Try what we did. Park it, step back a few feet and then slowly run your eyes over the non-aggressive but smart-looking bikini fairing, the contours of the muscular Gixxer-like tank, the pseudo air-scoops below it, the simplistic centre panels flaunting the '6-speed' decal and then finally to the very sporty tail panels and the contemporary clear-lens tail light design, which is a direct lift-off from this year's Suzuki GSX-R superbike.

When we first saw the bike in pictures, we were disheartened. Suzuki has been known globally for churning out some of the most gorgeous motorcycles like the GSX-R or the SV, for years. But then we got our test bike and in flesh, the GSR sure left a lasting impression on everyone's mind. During the test, several people stopped by to take a good look at it and some even commented, "Mast banaya hai gaadi. The detailing has been done keeping in mind the average Indian cc buyer and the GSR successfully charms its target audience.

The digital console houses the speedometer, gear indicator, trip meter while the tachometer remains analogue. Worth mentioning here is that the orange backlit display does not switch off immediately once the ignition is turned off but it slowly fades away.

The bars are painted in glossy black paint unlike chrome handlebars commonly seen on most Indian bikes. These subtle design cues give the GSR a very contemporary and sophisticated appeal. It is not a great looking bike like the FZ16, but a very good looking one with well drawn proportions and all design lines flowing smoothly from start-to-finish.

It's a no-brainer that the Suzuki GSR is not aimed towards bike-buffs but the normal office-goers who easily outnumber the enthusiasts and determine the figures on sales charts inside a company's conference room. Ergonomics is one of the key factors in this class and the happier the rider feels about the time spent on the saddle, the more praises he will sing about the bike.

Here the GSR scores top marks as the handlebar, footpeg and seat equation yields fantastic results. The bars aren't typically tall or flat like the ones seen on hooligan naked street-bikes. It's just the thing.


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